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WFH Posture?!

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Sooo…. you got the WFH (Working From Home) posture?

No worries. We got you. Try these 3 things to help improve your posture at home.

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1)Change your workstation.

The rule of thumb is that the top of your monitor meets the top of your head, and your wrist should be nice and flat resting on a hard surface. Your knees should not be hyperextended and your low back should be well supported (posture neck pain toronto chiro).

2)Take breaks.

Believe it or not, your spine can adapt and change to the position of your body. So every 30 mins, please get up and do some general stretches to get your spine moved (toronto chiro near me).

3)Do not work on the kitchen counter/sofa/BED

Have a designated area where you work and try not to work from the sofa or the bed as you will end up in a different position than working in front of a desk.

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