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Your Posture Defines Your Health

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Posture is defined as how your hold your body at all times. Regardless of the type of posture, the most important component of a good posture is that the spine is in a neutral and non-compromised position. Why is this important?

Anterior Head Syndrome
Recent research compared(neck pain toronto chiro) people with and without anterior head carriage and they found that people with anterior head carriage have decreased neck muscle endurance and reduced overall strength in the neck (Watson et al). Other studies(chiro near me) have also showed that people with anterior head carriage have increased headache frequency and decreased neck range of motion (Fernandez et al).

Reduced Neck Curve
People with reduced neck curve have decreased(low back pain toronto) vertebral artery blood volume as well as decreased vertebral artery diameter (Bulut et al). People with abnormal neck curves have an increased rate of spinal disc degeneration (Okada et al).

Abnormal Low-back Posture
Decreased low-back curves (posture correction chiro) in people is correlated with decreased stomach myoelectrical(toronto best chiro) activity (might be related to digestive issues as well). Patients with decreased low-back curves have high disability rates (Glassman et al).