Fallin’ into Health!

Can you believe fall is already here?!!! Checkout the top 3 things you can do this fall to maintain proper spine health!! Let your spine really rest while sleeping While…

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WFH Posture?!

Sooo.... you got the WFH (Working From Home) posture? No worries. We got you. Try these 3 things to help improve your posture at home. Toronto chiropractor 1)Change your workstation.…

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Tips for a Healthy Holiday!

It’s all about moderation There’s nothing wrong with enjoying an indulgent, festive dinner — but you’ll want to make sure (chiro near me Toronto) that your meals surrounding it are…

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Got Military Neck?

The natural curvature of the spine is important for maintaining posture and balance. If one of the curves in the spine becomes too great or small, people may have complains…

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Your Bed is NOT an Office

Are you guilty of using your bed for EVERYTHING including studying, working and Zoom calls? There’s no shortage of entertaining memes about spending your day in your PJs or drinking…

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