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Your Bed is NOT an Office

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Are you guilty of using your bed for EVERYTHING including studying, working and Zoom calls? There’s no shortage of entertaining memes about spending your day in your PJs or drinking wine at lunch, but being at home instead of the office isn’t all fun and games. It can be tough to stay focused, and maintain a healthy posture for your spine. Here are our top 3 tips to stay productive at home!

Set expectations, but give yourself a break.

This situation is unprecedented, so it’s normal to take some time to adjust. Set goals for how many hours you want to work each day and what you plan to accomplish, but cut yourself some slack if you fall short. Every day is a new day and a chance to improve.

Ask for help if you need it.

Everyone on your team is going through pretty much the same thing, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or another emotion, there’s a good chance that your coworkers or boss will understand. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Whether it’s delegating a project or sharing a concern, don’t keep it bottled up inside.

Set a space for work only.

It is easy at home to work from the kitchen counter, couch or even your bed. We recommend you have a set workstation that is ergonomically friendly and a space without distraction. This tricks your brain to focus and only concentrate on work when you are in that space.