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Is your backpack a silent LOW BACK KILLER?

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Follow the checklist below to make sure your backpack is wore the right way!

  • The weight of the backpack should be less than 10% of the body’s weight (Toronto chiropractor)
  • Check the backpack straps for proper shoulder placement, making sure that the bottom of the backpack is two inches above the waist and resting in the curve of the lower back (low back pain toronto).
  • Wear the backpack with both straps over the shoulder and the backpack resting against the lower back (neck pain toronto)
  • The weight of the content should be distributed evenly with the heaviest material towards the back and the lights towards the front.
  • Look for backpacks with a hip strap or lumbar pillow. The hip strap can distribute the weight more evenly, while the lumbar pillow can give a better support for the lower back area (toronto chiro near me).
  • Make you take the time to go over the contents of the backpack at the end of the week to make sure unused binders, books are not contributing to the extra weight.
  • Just like for our teeth, we want to consistently keep it checked. Check your shoulder and head levels to see if it is lined up. If not, it might be a sign of repetitive stress on their growing spine. Visit chiropractor who is a specialist in spine health! Correction of poor posture and spine biomechanics is crucial for proper spinal health!