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You know that feeling when you first stand up and stretch after you’ve been sitting for too long, and you hear a symphony of pops and cracks in your neck, mid-back, low back? Do you ever wonder WHAT IS THAT?? (Toronto chiropractor)

When you “crack” your back, nothing’s actually cracking, splintering, or breaking, you are simply hearing a release of nitrogen gas between the joints (best chiro near me).

Although cracking sounds are can be spontaneous, it is not recommended if you are purposely trying to crack your back by putting yourself into weird positions. This can cause pinching nerves, straining muscles or even tear ligaments (neck pain chiro toronto).

If you would like to get an adjustment, the best advice is to visit a chiropractor near you who will perform a completed physical exam first to see what type of adjustments you need in which specific areas of the spine (low back pain toronto chiro).