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Your back is not liking you working from home?!

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View your computer screen with a straight neck.

Put your screen in front of you at a comfortable viewing height. Don’t look down at your screen, like to a laptop on a table or to your phone. And don’t angle your screen so you must twist your neck–some people like to put their keyboard and mouse in front of them with their screen off to the side, but then they end up dealing with neck pain from the swiveling.

Put your keyboard and mouse or touchpad at a comfortable height in front of you.

 The nerves in the hand leave the neck and run down through the shoulder, elbow and wrist. When your arm is at your side, the nerves aren’t being compressed, but the more you stretch it out to the side, but greater chance you have of straining your neck or shoulder.

Take breaks

The rule is, for every 30 minutes of working you want to get up and walk for a few minutes to make sure you are always keeping your spine mobile.