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Complete Guide to Office Ergonomics

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Feel tired, stressed out and unproductive? Have you thought about your posture in the office?

Let us do the math. Say if you work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, and you been working at this job for 5 years. How many hours is that in total? 8400 hours! Do you think your posture during those 8400 hours is going to affect your health?

Actually research shows receptors for proprioception are densely concentrated in the neck region, and therefore any type of posture that compromise the position of our neck can play a role in our overall wellbeing.

Try the 3 tips below for better office ergonomics:

1.Make sure that the weight of your arms is supported at all times. If your arms are not supported, the muscles of your neck and shoulders will be crying by the end of the day.This also avoids flexing or extending your hand or arm, reducing the stress on the muscles and joints.

2.Talking on the phone with the phone receiver jammed between the neck and ear is really bad practice. Use earphones can not only improve your posture but less radiation to your brain as well.

3.The feet should not be dangling when you are seated. If your feet don’t comfortably reach the floor or there is pressure on the backs of your legs, use a footrest or lower the keyboard and chair.