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Wrist pain? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome, also called median nerve compression is a condition that causes numbness, tingling or weakness in the hands. You might first notice that your fingers “fall asleep” and become numb at night. It usually happens because of how you hold your hand while you sleep. (toronto chiro)

Some of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome include repetitive motions, like typing, or any wrist movements that you do over and over. This is especially true of things you do when your hands are lower than your wrists. (neck pain toronto)

People at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome are those who do activities or jobs that involve repetitive finger use. Motions that can place people at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome include: (chiro near me)

  • High-force repetitive movements
  • Long-term use.
  • Extreme wrist motions
  • Excessive typing with the wrist in a hyperextended or hyper-flexed position (low back pain chiro near me toronto)