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Summer Wellness Tips

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It is getting HOT HOT HOT in downtown Toronto! Summer’s longer days, brighter sunshine and warmer temps tend to help us enjoy improved mood, better diet and stronger fitness habits.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed to support properly bodily functioning—everything from immunity to mood to defending cells against cancer! Though most of the nutrients our body needs are available via the food we eat, and sun exposure!

For the same reasons establishing a self-care routine tends to be easier in the summer, the warmer summer months are also a great time to start (and stick with!) a new exercise routine.

A simple tip to make staying hydrated easier is to use a infused water recipe to make your water more delicious! You can add in cucumber, lemon, limes, they are very refreshing!!!!! Many people find infused water more enjoyable to sip on throughout the day, and the herbs and fruit provide some additional health benefits too!

Keep things fun and promote both physical and emotional health by taking employees on some active team outings.