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Does My Posture Really Affect My Health?

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Are you someone who knows you have bad posture, but just can’t help it? Are you someone who spends 8 hours a day in front a computer and then 4 hours in front of a phone? Are you someone who is constantly tired and feel tightness in your back? Well, it makes sense why you do.

Forward head posture, or anterior head carriage, or “text neck”, is a condition that many people suffer from due to poor life habits. Research shows that forward head posture negatively affects cervical sensorimotor control. What does this mean? This means that bad posture in your neck can affect the way you feel and move. Also, forward head posture negatively affects the autonomic nervous system. This means that bad posture in your neck can affect the functions of every nerve in your body.

What about the rest of your spine? Actually, bad posture not only affects your neck, it can affect your entire spine because everything is connected. Just like your neck, your low back has a certain biomechanical curve as well, this is how your low back supports the rest of your spine. If you have bad posture causing a loss of this curve, the weight distribution of the spine changes causing pre-mature degeneration as well as causing imbalances in the spine and nervous system. 

In order to correct bad posture, the patient’s joints and muscles must be strong and healthy.  A chiropractic adjustment is the best place to start to ensure proper alignment is occurring. In addition, our clinic specializes in the chiropractic biophysics (CBP ®) method to specifically correct for spinal curvatures.  Research shows that successful management of chronic low-back pain symptoms may require a close analysis of a patient’s postural deviations and sagittal plane curves.

So the next time you get that flare up of neck pain or low back pain, think about your posture!