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3 surprising ways to keep cool in the summer heat!

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It is getting HOT HOT HOT in downtown Toronto (neck pain chiro)! Here are 3 surprising ways to keep cool in the summer heat!!!

Set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise

The blades on your ceiling fan are tilted slightly in order to push air either upwards or downwards. In winter, you’ll want the blades to turn clockwise(best chiro near me), which will pull the cooler air in the room upwards and displace the rising warmth. In the summer, you should switch the rotation to counter-clockwise, pushing more wind currents into the room below.

Eat less salty food and protein

Salty foods and protein can cause water loss due to the high amounts of sodium. Eat more fruits and vegetables and smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are full of water, minerals and essential vitamins to keep your body hydrated. (best chiro near me)

A bowl of ice in front of your fan

This uber-easy trick is the very best of the DIY air conditioners: just toss a bunch of ice cubes into a metal bowl (or freeze some water straight into the bowl), and set it in front of a running fan. Tilt your fan or the bowl in such a way as to get air flowing directly onto the icy surface, cooling down the blowing air. You’ll feel the effect immediately. Remember to refill your ice trays right away to be ready for the next load. (low back pain chiro near me)