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How to Get Comfortable During Plane Rides?

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A smooth and comfortable flight can set off a great start for anyone’s trip. Many people experience motion sickness, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and swelling during or after the flight. A lot of people that suffer from back pain in Toronto and neck pain in Toronto are often frequent flyers. Although we are not able to travel right now due to COVID19 restrictions , we can certainly discuss how to make your next flight in the future more enjoyable.

Flying is the most difficult part of a trip for many people traveling with any type of pain such as neck pain, back pain, disc herniation, disc bulge, etc. Some people prefer to minimize their time in the air by booking nonstop flights whenever possible. We actually recommend if your flight is really long (>12 hours), a stop over will not be a bad idea since you will be able to get out and move (plus it might save you a buck or two).

Unless you sleep well on planes and plan to conk out for the entire flight, you’ll probably want to request an aisle seat on the plane. This will allow you to stand up regularly and move around the cabin without disturbing your seat mates. Sitting too long in the same position can cause stiffness and pain.

Every extra item you put into your suitcase is one more thing you’ll have to hoist into the overhead bin or drag from your car to the airport. Make it easier on yourself by packing less and consider checking any bags you can’t easily lift into an overhead bin.

Some people find that emotional tension makes their back pain worse. Most people’s travel stress starts at the airport, so be sure to arrive well before your first flight and allow plenty of time for any connections so you’re not racing to your gate. Once in flight, settle in with your favourite music. Deep breathing, meditation and positive visualization can help you manage both stress and pain.