The BEST Exercise

The BEST Exercise

ChiroPath team gets asked this question all the time, “What exercise is the best to do? I am trying to start a new workout routine and I just want to know what would work the best for me.” The quickest answer to this question is:

The best exercise is the exercise that YOU will do!!!

That’s correct, it doesn’t matter if an individual does running, swimming, yoga, weightlifting or cross-fit, as long as he/she keep up with the routine, any of them will pay off with great physique and overall health. Now, the question comes down to:

Which exercise will give YOU the INCENTIVE?
Here are a few steps that will help you evaluate and comes up with a workout program suitable for you!

Let’s start with having a lists of the common fitness/exercise categories:

Weight lifting

Now, in order to pick the best exercise for you, we need to know more regarding YOU:

What is the purpose for your workout?
Weight loss – Running/swimming?
Body building – Weight lifting/ Cross-Fit?
prepare for competition – Sports/Weight Lifting?
general fitness – Walking/Yoga?

What do you like the most?
if you are a person who likes to run, then RUN
if you are a person who likes to lift weight, then LIFT WEIGHTS
if you are a person who don’t like to sweat – Walking/Yoga
if you are a person with some type of health condition, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc. – CONSULT a healthcare professional!

What kind of commitment can you make?
9-5 work everyday – Walking/Yoga?
student – Sports?
retired – Walking/Yoga/Running/Swimming?
free spirit – Try them all and do them all and be happy!

Hopefully this quick guide can help you figure out some of the best exercises for you!

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